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The London Meat Co. are specialist catering and hospitality food suppliers, serving airlines, hotels, restaurants and golf clubs.  We offer a full range of high-quality meat, poultry, game and delicatessen products coupled with a bespoke butchery service.  

About Us

Our Culture & Values

The London Meat Co. was established in 2005 by four friends who saw an opportunity to launch their own business, drawing on their traditional butchery knowledge and expertise to provide a high-quality, personalised food service for customers.  Running from premises in Harlington, Greater London, over the next 15 years the business grew from strength to strength.

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Our Commitment to a
sustainable future

We are constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact and are committed to both sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We are working to reduce our impact in key areas that reflect the current global trends in sustainability around food, energy and ecosystem security.

(Water & Carbon)

Utilising and introducing proven energy efficiencies in water and energy usage in order to lower our carbon footprint.


Minimising waste at all stages of the supply chain. Dramatically reducing waste to landfill from our production, distribution and administration activities.

Sustainable Sourcing

Ensuring we procure products and services that maintain the highest practical levels of animal welfare and environmental stewardship at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibilities and always strive to ensure active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and industry norms.

Proud Sponsors

Craft Guild of Chefs

The London Meat Co. have been proud sponsors of The Craft Guild of Chefs Graduate Awards since its conception.  It is such an honour to not only support but also witness up and coming young chefs achieve and exceed their goals whilst gaining experience that is second to none in the industry.

The Graduate Awards have come such a long way in 20 years and it is a privilege to be a tooth in the culinary cog that has made it tick along beautifully and help it get where it is today.  We can truly say that there is no better platform for young chefs to gain experience that can propel them to the level most achievers have accomplished in the trade to date.

Being included in The Craft Guild’s ‘mentor days’ has always been a highlight in The London Meat Co. calendar and it has now evolved into an unrivalled two-day learning experience that cannot be missed.

“For all the years that we have worked with London Meat Co. they have not only delivered quality meat – with service to match – but listened to just what chefs want!  They offer up great advice and, where possible, master classes to help showcase all cuts of meat and ensure that chefs wastage is kept to a minimum.  Working with them in helping develop young upcoming chefs is one of their key focus areas, knowing that one day they will be their customers too”

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Quality & Traceability

The London Meat Co. production facilities and processes maintain the highest standards of food safety systems, achieving and sustaining current industry standards.  Further, our commitment to quality demands regular internal and external audit checks to ensure we maintain the precise standards to discharge our legislative duty and industry best practice.

Our products are sourced only from suppliers who can demonstrate that they meet our impeccable standards and share our commitment to quality and we will only supply our customers with products that meet our stringent guidelines.  We are always looking for new products and suppliers who can provide regional and local high-quality products with consistency and assurance.

The London Meat Co. has a robust and comprehensive batch control and traceability system in place which is regularly monitored and audited to ensure full compliance with industry best practice.  In addition, all of our staff are rigorously trained to a minimum of Level 2 in food safety and regularly reviewed to ensure that each person adheres to all food hygiene and safety requirements.

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