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Wholesale Meat Suppliers

beef hangingLondon Meat Co is a reliable quality wholesale meat supplier our expertise and wide range of produce ensure your requirements are matched perfectly. We take the time to fully understand our customers needs so that we can cater perfectly to a diverse scope of preferences.  Over the years we have established a strong presence in the wholesale market, forming several valuable working relationships throughout London, across the UK and Northern Ireland. 

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Quality and Traceability

The London Meat Company Ltd production facilities and processes maintain the highest standards of quality food safety systems, achieving and maintaining current industry standards. Our commitment to quality demands regular internal and external audit checks to ensure we maintain the correct standards to discharge our legislative duty and industry best practice.

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Craft Guild of Chefs Award

The London Meat Co is proud to be sponsoring this year's Craft Guild of Chefs' Graduate Awards, the ultimate way for rising chefs to really make their mark in the industry.

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Our own a fleet of modern temperature controlled light commercial vehicles, all GPS tracked, provide a fully flexible and dedicated service throughout the year, that ensures the integrity, safety and quality of the goods being delivered.


Airline Catering

The London Meat Company is proud of our long service to some of the UK's major internationally recognised Airline Caterers.  This sector is a core part of our business and is an area in which we a vast amount of collective experience and knowledge.


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Meat Appreciation Courses

At The London Meat Company Ltd, we have identified the need to help and support the meat industry. We have developed a bespoke range of fresh meat appreciation courses that can be tailored to your chef's specific development requirements. The objective of these training programmes is to help identify the different cuts of meat and from which part of the carcass they are cut from; along with gaining an understanding of some of the commercial aspects of different cuts and their various uses.

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We supply only the highest quality Halal products to our customers. Our resolute quality control systems and production methods have received the highest commendation from food authorities in UK.

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