Our History

The London Meat Co.

The London Meat Co. was established in 2005 by four friends who saw an opportunity to launch their own business, drawing on their traditional butchery knowledge and expertise to provide a high-quality, personalised food service for customers. Running from premises in Harlington, Greater London, over the next 15 years the business grew from strength to strength.

Then, in 2020 Covid hit.  Barely surviving a tough few years through the pandemic, The London Meat Co. decided to move to a new site in July 2022 based in West Drayton, just three miles from their old unit.  The new premises provided an opportunity to start afresh and the business decided it was the right time to invest in a purpose-built unit designed to their own specification.

Thankfully The London Meat Co. team have retained their loyal customers and staff, and are continuing to re-grow.  It is this staff and customer base that is at the heart of The London Meat Co. who very much see themselves as a family run business and customer-driven specialist.

Quality & Traceability

The London Meat Co. production facilities and processes maintain the highest standards of food safety systems, achieving and sustaining current industry standards.  Further, our commitment to quality demands regular internal and external audit checks to ensure we maintain the precise standards to discharge our legislative duty and industry best practice.

Our products are sourced only from suppliers who can demonstrate that they meet our impeccable standards and share our commitment to quality and we will only supply our customers with products that meet our stringent guidelines.  We are always looking for new products and suppliers who can provide regional and local high-quality products with consistency and assurance.

The London Meat Co. has a robust and comprehensive batch control and traceability system in place which is regularly monitored and audited to ensure full compliance with industry best practice.  In addition, all of our staff are rigorously trained to a minimum of Level 2 in food safety and regularly reviewed to ensure that each person adheres to all food hygiene and safety requirements.

Our History

Our Founder

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Our Expertise


We employ traditional butchery experts with many years’ experience, capable of producing hand cut products for the bespoke needs of our customers as well as high-volume portion control products required by our clients in the airline catering sector.  The London Meat Co. value sustainability and animal welfare and ensure that all of our products meet our strict quality and traceability guidelines.

Ethically Produced Products


Recognising the importance and integrity of Halal products for our customers we have a dedicated, segregated & certified Halal production facility.  Working closely with our accreditation body Global Halal solutions we ensure that our production facility, processing and procurement practices comply with rigorous requirements to enable us to consistently and safely serve Halal products.

Our investment in this dedicated Halal food production facility sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to consistently deliver certified Halal assured products that comply with all Halal accreditation requirements.

We have built a strong reputation in our chosen markets as a premium and trusted supplier for a diverse range of Halal products and are proud to serve this sector of the market.

Delivering on time


The London Meat Co. have our own fleet of modern, temperature controlled, light commercial vehicles, all GPS tracked, providing a fully flexible and dedicated delivery service throughout the year. We ensure the integrity, safety and quality of all goods being delivered.

The London Meat Company deliver in the following areas:

Hotels: all inside M25, also Heathrow, Gatwick and Windsor
Airlines: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester
Restaurants: Central London
Food service: as far as Somerset

Please let us know your area and we can discuss delivery options.


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Should you wish to discuss your catering requirements or our products with us, please fill in our contact form and a member of the London Meat Co. team will be in touch as soon as possible.