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We source the best quality beef primarily from the finest producers in the UK or Ireland. We pride our beef on its quality, taste and consistency. All our matured beef is aged for an absolute minimum of 21 days. Our butchers expertly trim all beef cuts to an excellent standard and all beef steaks are cut and packed to order.

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Our diverse poultry range is all sourced from approved farms and audited processors throughout the UK and Europe.

Where possible LMC continues to support local provenance and our range of farm assured Poultry products provide the very best the market has to offer within the local area to guarantee freshness, flavour and succulence.

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We supply a full range of pork products and cuts. Our Prime Pork is specially selected from Farm Assured stock. All of our pork is guaranteed to a very high standard at every step of the way. We insist on rigorous standards throughout the supply chain and through all stages of pig husbandry that the animal welfare is high. Every aspect of the pork production and the supply process is fully traceable.

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Game and Specialities

Our Wild Game and Venison range compliments our ever increasing portfolio of products featuring the best of British seasonal produce.

Our extensive range of lean and nutritious Game, a traditional seasonal treat, sourced from many of the prestigious sporting estates throughout Great Britain.

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Prime range of Lamb is available throughout the year and is selected to ensure tenderness and succulence. All our Lamb is produced to the highest standards of husbandry and care, and our supply chain is fully assured and inspected from farm to kitchen.

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Burgers and Sausages

LMC can provide a diverse range of speciality sausages based on both traditional and innovative recipes using the highest quality ingredients.

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Gammon and Bacon

Bacon and Gammon products are sourced from leading world producers in Denmark, Holland and the UK to ensure we deliver to our customers the highest quality product consistently time after time.

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We recognise the evolving requirements of the markets we serve and have expanded our range Halal meats to cater for all our customer's needs.

LMC can provide a fantastic range of quality beef, lamb, goat, poultry, burgers, sausages and delicatessen Halal products. In addition we are always happy to source specialist halal products and work with our customers to create seasonal and specialist menu's.

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Our British Rosé and Dutch Veal are bred and produced with a commitment to the highest possible standards of animal welfare.

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We offer a wide range of premium quality delicatessen products and cooked meats sourced from specialist suppliers.

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